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Meet Rex, The Pump Guru

Meet Rex, The Pump Guru

Rex founded Pressure Washer Service Inc. in Clearwater, Florida in 1995. Known affectionately as The Pump Guru, Rex has been working to help customers with their pump and power washing needs since 1987!

They carry a full line of partsaccessories and fittings as well as hot and cold pressure washers.  In addition to servicing pressure washers, they also accept pumps, machines, and equipment from anywhere in the US. PWP also installs pressure washers and Softwash Systems on trailers and trucks. Check the Custom Rigs Page for more on that.

Our Specialty Chemicals are sold to our local customers. We ship our custom assembled, 'Top of the Line' Low Pressure Roof Cleaning and Softwash Systems,  Slo Mo Softwash Surfactant, Hang-Tite, high and low pressure replacement parts, accessories and pressure washers across the US.

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