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Do you hate hose clamps, dislike leaks and want to prevent air from getting into your pump? do you need a custom length of low pressure hose cut and crimped to your specifications? We can supply you with just about anything you need for you custom rig. We can crimp on hose ends as small as 1/4" MPT or FPT to as large as 1" MPT or FPT in 316 stainless steel.

This product is for a single 1/2" MPT 316 stainless steel crimped on hose end.  


Note:  We will NOT send the fittings to you to crimp this yourself.  This is the service we provide.  This is added to the cart WITH hose.

We also offer crimped on hose ends in SCH 80 PVC and brass.

Directions for ordering:

Add hose by the foot to the shopping cart.

Add the appropriate number of crimps for your jump hose. for example, a 6' long 5/8" blue flex tech rt hose with two 1/2" MPT 316 stainless steel ends (to connect the soft wash pump to the titan hose reel swivel) would be added in the parts below:

6 feet ftb10-1 custom length blue 5/8" flex tech rt soft wash hose per foot

2 x CSS08 crimped on hose end in 316 stainless steel (each end)

Please note:

We cannot crimp ends on to the white spiral hose. we can only crimp ends on to the chemical hose and to the poly wire hose up to 1" id



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