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1/2" x 100' 4000 psi black high pressure hose 2 wire braid 250 deg. F maximum mpt 1/2" mpt solid and 1/2" mpt  ends 

To move faster surface cleaning with your 8 gpm+ pressure washer, use this 1/2" id hose for the first 100' on your reel. Upsize the jump hose from your unloader to your reel to a 1/2" id high pressure hose and get rid of the extra quick connects. Ensure that you are feeding your pump with enough water by doubling the supply hose inner diameter to double the size of the inlet.  for example, a TSF2021 has two 3/4" suction ports on the bottom sides of the pump. Upsize or double your non-collapsible supply/suction hose to 1 1/2" id to supply the pump. It is important to use the same upsized ported filters.  the 1 1/2" hose should be fitted with a 1 1/2" fpt banjo 80 mesh y-strainer. Upsize the bulkhead opening on the tank. Retrofit your whisper wash surface cleaner with a 3/8" id hose instead of the 1/4" id stock hose. Remove your chemical injector when you are not using it.

Don't forget to purchase a high pressure steel adapter (part 2580: 1/2" fpt x 3/8" mpt steel adapter) or ask us to crimp a new end on the hose to allow a seamless connection to your 3/8" fittings.


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