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12 volt start softwashing: Everflo 5500 5.5 GPM 60 PSI pump w/ blue 5/8" 200' Flex Tech RT 1/2" stainless steel crimped on hose ends

Everflo 5500 5.5 GPM 60 PSI pump

200' 5/8" blue Flex Tech RT hose with crimped on 316 stainless steel MPT ends (no hose clamps) the Flex Tech RT hose will not respond to cold weather (stiffen up) like the Kuri Tec does.
12' non-collapsible suction hose with an original PVC slotted filter for sodium hypochlorite (AG16TF08-TF)
Sch 80 ball valve applicator with stainless steel socket (bv08rb.80)
Jrod 4 nozzles (00, 15, 25, and 40) 
2 spare stainless steel sockets

You will need to supply the deep cycle marine battery, in-line fuse holder and spare fuses, couple feet of wire with connectors, heavy duty 30 amp switch and 1.5" length of Sch 40 PVC just longer than the height of your recipe tank.

The only difference between the red kit and blue kit is the color of the hose!

All 12 volt pumps use more than twice the chemical, make you work twice as slow and offer a very short life span. We recommend that you research the air diaphragm pump system before pulling the trigger on this kit.  We sell more chemical and pumps when you purchase these systems.

Do not use Teflon tape on this pump. No warranty on this pump. 10 gauge wire must be used. No alligator clips used with this pump. Use a minimum 875 CCA deep cycle marine battery.

You use a nozzle that has a very large orifice, does not shoot as far as the 1/2" ALL-FLO (20-30' compared to 40-60') and has a lifespan of 2 days to 9 months.

We at prefer to offer our customers a hose assembly that will not require maintenance as when hose clamps are used with hose barbs. Hose clamps loosen over time, rust and can become sharp. Because the inlet port of the pump is 1/2", the general rule of pump plumbing indicates that the inner diameter of the supply line should be twice the inner diameter of the port and will require a minimum of a 1" ID hose. The 1" suction line should not collapse and should remain somewhat rigid but allow flexibility under pulsation. Never use garden hose fittings on the suction side of any pump as they allow air to siphon into your suction side of the pump. 

Rex, our Pump Guru, invented the design of our PVC slotted chemical tank filter. The filter is composed entirely of PVC and will not rust or decompose or shatter into small pieces after constant submersion into a pressure washer's chemical tank or roof wash mix. The filter made be assembled to fit exactly into the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket, various drum sizes and tanks. It is assembled using PVC cleaner, a deburrer, and clear PVC cement. In order to prevent the filter from rising to the top of the tank, a length of PVC pipe can be used as a sleeve to slip over the connecting suction hose. The inner diameter of the PVC pipe should be slightly wider than the outside diameter of the suction hose. You may use a clean piece of 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" ID PVC scrap pipe to slip over the hose before it is connected to the 12 volt pump. 
To figure out how long to cut the pipe, place the suction hose assembly with the uncut PVC pipe sleeve into your main chemical tank or drum and allow the filter to rest horizontally on the bottom. Mark and cut the sleeve so that it is just a bit higher than the opening of the tank. Use a heat gun to 'bell' the top end of the sleeve and a grinder or drum sander to soften the edges of the sleeve. If a tank filter (tf-5) is assembled to the width of a 5 gallon bucket, the user can remove the filter from the larger tank and place it in a bucket of degreaser to apply to a driveway or drive through, apply a diluted mix to a house or building wash or allow the operator to run 5 gallons of fresh water through the system to rinse all of the fittings and components of the soft wash chemical application system. Semi-permanent fittings on the low pressure side of a system attaching PVC to PVC should be assembled using non-drying liquid Teflon or 'pipe dope'. Teflon tape should never be used. Teflon tape will dislodge, find it's way into interrupting the moving components of a pump.   

It is best to use full port, PVC ball valves (bv08rb.80) rather than a spray gun and wand assembly. Your chemical applicator should be able to endure a little abuse. Many guys accidentally drop them off roofs or the hose pulls them off. 

Titan hose reels are American made and are the premier choice among professionals in these related industries.  These reels will last many years if they are taken care of by rinsing them out after each use. Your pump needs to be rinsed as well. If chemical is left in the reel and pump, the life of both will be drastically shortened. Much like your smile; you only brush the ones you want to keep!
Banjo 3 way ball valves with mounts (BV12-3P or BV16-3P) can be used to pull from two tanks, transfer chemical or allow the operator to use another chemical such as a degreaser or house wash or gutter cleaner. One side can connect to a roof wash tank and the other to water for rinsing. The 3 way poly ball valve can be installed on the discharge side of the pump to allow the pump to be used as a transfer pump to transfer chemicals from the ground to the rig.

Do not use Teflon tape on this pump. No warranty on this pump. 10 gauge wire must be used. No alligator clips used with this pump. 

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