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3/4" x 200' blue flex tech softwash hose 1/2" MPT 316 SS crimped on hose ends

This chemical rated hose is quickly becoming a favorite among roof wash professionals due to its light weight, crimped on hose ends (no hose clamps) and extreme durability. This hose is highly flexible and has an excellent bend radius without kinking even at higher temperatures. It remains pliable at lower range temperatures as well. Two hundred feet will comfortably fit on a titan 28" reel. This flex tech rt hose is the best choice for a 1/2" or larger air diaphragm pump Softwash system. If you need different ends crimped on the hose, simply send a note at checkout.  

We chose to carry this extremely durable hose after several of our customers approached us to buy more from us after using the hose on extreme duty commercial jobs for 5 years. This hose seems to last as long as the ag spray hoses such as the yellow Kuriyama Kuri Tec, Spiralite and Flextral hoses without the long break-in period. One of our customers tested the cover by dragging a blade along its smoooooth outer surface and was pleased with the blade not catching. This hose is incredible and can be used for one the best softwash hoses or water supply hoses you will ever own and use daily. 

This is a serious hose for the serious softwashing professional. Before purchasing this hose for maximum distance using your 1" air diaphragm pump, get up on a ladder with a 3/4" id water hose to find out if you are comfortable. Although this hose is extremely flexible and durable as well as lighter weight compared to other chemical hoses, this hose id can be challenging to maneuver on a ladder. We prefer that you are an educated consumer. This hose also makes the best water hose you will find for a commercial use rig. 

Flex rt (rubberized thermoplastic)

Thermoplastic air and water hose with the look and feel of rubber hose at a fraction of the cost. 

: Rubber-like look and feel enhances flexibility while maintaining durability and cost efficiencies of PVC. Great for slipping over flasing, gutter edges and sharper edges typically encountered softwashing. This is a great hose if you do not like the weight and stiffness of the ag or agricultural hose in orange or yellow.

Potential use:
 Multipurpose applications including softwashing, air, water (up to 150 f) pneumatic tools, air service for painting equipment, coolant lines, etc...

Temperature: -15 f (-26 c) to + 150 f (+65 c) continuous service

 tube: Specially formulated, PVC compound
Reinforcement: High tensile strength textile cord
Cover: Specially formulated, PVC compound

Chemical rating:  'a' for use with sodium hypochlorite, caustic soda, citric acid, oxalic acid and degreasers

Maximum pressure rating: 300 psi

Maximum coil length available: 300 feet continuous 

Available in bulk, finished assemblies, or custom cut-lengths.


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