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This all-flow soft wash system starts up kit includes the following:

  • 3/8" kynar body with santoprene diaphragms 'top of the line and best air diaphragm pump in the world', model c038-sqk-sske-s70. 
  • 200' of 5/8" yellow flex tech rt hose with 316 stainless steels crimped on hose ends (no hose clamps).
  • polywire suction hose assembly with the original slotted PVC suction filter for sodium hypochlorite and softwash chemicals.
  • special high quality sch 80 PVC ball valve assembly to withstand daily use of sodium hypochlorite. 
  • Jrod nozzle holder with long range and fan pattern nozzles.
  • Special air regulator/filter with set of high-quality brass air couplers and plugs (set this regulator to 80 psi maximum: arrow points to pump.  install the desiccant filter (purchased online motor guard m-45, anywhere) between the regulator and the pump using a hex nipple or another length of air hose).
  • 10-12 ft length of high quality, durable air hose assembly with crimped on hose ends (longer and shorter lengths available).
  • Two spare stainless-steel couplers.
  • 3/8" mpt x 1/2" fpt male adapter.

***All fittings should be installed using non-drying liquid Teflon such as rector seal t plus 2 (can be purchased at any hardware store in the plumbing section) never use Teflon tape on anything in these related industries.***

We strongly suggest adding a 4318s titan hose reel, a 2354 street 45 and a matching jump hose to this order.  you can order a custom length jump hose by adding the ftr10 by the foot and adding two CSS ends to the cart. 

The minimum 5.5 hp gas powered air compressor, PVC sch 40 1.25" id pipe sleeve for the suction hose assembly and tank are not included and should be purchased locally to save you money on shipping.

The main advantages of using an all-flow Kynar air diaphragm pump for soft wash or low-pressure chemical application are listed as follows: the all-flow 3/8" Kynar air diaphragm pump, c038-sqk-sske-s70 or afke038b3, is capable of handling Softwash chemicals. It is a perfect choice for residential and commercial cleaning. it does not have to be rinsed after every use, has a 5-year warranty and will pay for itself and the gas-powered air compressor in the amount of money saved on chemical conserved using the air diaphragm pump. Operators are able to use any nozzle orifice and are not forced into a larger nozzle orifice as with the 12-volt pumps, gas powered diaphragm pumps like john blue's, udor's, hypro's, etc. A nozzle as small as a 1.5 or 2.0 may be used to apply the chemical instead of a 30 to 60 orifice. (using a smaller nozzle will allow for greater control over chemical run-off (plant death and burns), minimizes the amount of waste product and procuring the proper disposal, lowers chemical costs of each use on a job and allows for greater profit!)

Check out the installations on YouTube channel: rex, the pump guru

Because the inlet port of the pump is 3/8", the general rule of pump plumbing indicates that the inner diameter of the supply line should be twice the inner diameter of the port and will require a minimum of a 3/4" id hose. The 3/4" suction hose should not collapse and should remain somewhat rigid but allow flexibility under pulsation.

Never use garden hose fittings on the suction side of any pump as they allow air to siphon into your suction side of the pump. Our pump guru, rex, invented PWP's idea of using a PVC slotted chemical tank filter for sodium hypochlorite. The filter is composed entirely of PVC and will not rust or decompose or shatter into small pieces after constant submersion into a soft washer’s chemical tank or roof wash mix. The filter is made be assembled to fit exactly into the bottom of a 5-gallon bucket, various drum sizes and tanks. To prevent the filter from rising to the top of the tank, a length of PVC pipe can be used as a sleeve to slip over the connecting suction hose. The inner diameter of the PVC pipe should be slightly wider than the outside diameter of the suction hose. For example, the clear and white 3/4" id suction hose (ag12tf06-d) pictured has an od of 1.01".

Because our original slotted PVC tank filter (tf-5) is assembled to the width of a 5 gallon bucket, the operator can remove the filter from the larger tank and place it in a bucket of degreaser to apply to a driveway or drive through, apply a diluted mix to a house or building wash or allow the operator to run 5+ gallons of fresh water through the system to rinse all of the fittings and components of the soft wash chemical application system. Semi-permanent fittings on the low-pressure side of a system attaching PVC to PVC should be assembled using non-drying liquid Teflon or 'pipe dope'.

Teflon tape should never be used. Teflon tape will dislodge, find its way into interrupting the moving components of a pump. We have answered technical calls in the middle of the night in which the only problem found was a piece of Teflon tape lodged next to diaphragm disallowing a seal, a valve to hang up by a little piece of white mystery or a clogged nozzle at your gun or in your surface cleaner spray bar tip.

One main advantage of using the all-flow is the ability to use a variety of low-pressure chemical applicators. operators can use full port, PVC ball valves (bv08rb.80) or even one of our special spray guns with a wand assembly. The chemical applicator should be able to endure a little abuse. Operators accidentally drop the applicator off roofs, or the hose pulls it off.

Banjo 3-way ball valves with stainless steel mounts (bv12-3p bv16-3p) are invaluable. They can be mounted on the suction and discharge side of the pump to allow the operator to pull from multiple tanks, easily rinse, transfer chemical, and apply another type of chemical such as degreaser.

Do not use Teflon tape because it is much easier to over-tighten the fitting causing a compromise to the integrity of the fitting. For that matter throw out the Teflon tape. Use medium thread locker. Teflon tape will also become dislodged and end up in your pump and sometime cause your valves to hang up or end up clogging a tip. either way, the Teflon tape will cause you to stop earning money and make you find out where the problem is and what caused it. If you cannot take apart your pump, you will have to pay to have it cleaned out and if you can, you will still have to stop and take the time to remove the valve cover bolts and remove the bit of tape causing a disruption in the function of your pump.


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