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3/8" ALL-FLO set of santoprene diaphragms 10601-23-2 pk.

Watch Rex, the Pump Guru, install a 3/8" air valve into a 3/8" ALL-FLO.

"Rex the Pump Guru installs the 3/8" air valve on ALL-FLO pump" 


Viton diaphragms are not the best choice because of the following reasons according to All Flo:  Santoprene and other thermal plastic elastomers (TPE) will have a very long flex life due to the nature of the material. This is especially apparent when comparing them to FKM and PTFE diaphragms, which tend to have a low flex life. When selecting a diaphragm, the chemical compatibility and the natural flex life should be considered. In most cases, a “B” rated Santoprene or other TPE will outlast an “A” rated FKM (Viton) or PTFE diaphragm. This is because both the “A” and “B” rated diaphragms will normally fail due to their natural flex life before they experience chemical issues. PTFE should predominantly be used when a TPE is not chemically compatible with the process fluid, and FKM (Viton) is traditionally used for high temperature applications that go above the other materials maximum temperature limits. In short, Santoprene has a high flex life and FKM (Viton) has a very low flex life with flex life being its weakness.

Teflon overlays available for purchase but are stiff, have a shorter cycle life and will obtain less distance.

Reminder: Regulator supplied by PWP should be set to 80 psi maximum.

Use anti-seize when re-assembling the pump.


SKU: AF10601-23-2PK

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