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3018 Titan powder coated 18" full frame hose reel 1/2" steel manifold. 

The 3018 is a very beefy, stackable hose reel we offer to our pressure washers. This reel can be stacked with another reel of the same width on top or below using a Titan products stack kit (TT4548).

You need two reducing bushings (2578) and a street 45 (3361) plus a two-wire jump for this reel. If your pressure washer has a plug on the outlet, you need a 3/8" female coupler (2401 or 4630 SS), a 3/8" female plug (3878 or 4959 SS) and a 3/8" male coupler (3004 or 4960 SS) to install the jump hose to this reel. 

We can cut a jump hose to your exact length and crimp on the hose ends for both high pressure and low-pressure hose. A custom length of hose can be assembled in just about any hose we can get our hands on. We can offer a wide assortment of hose ends. We always recommend a two wire (R2) high pressure hose from your unloader on your pressure washer to the hose reel. Please see our jump hose section or we can make a custom length. 

This reel has the estimated capacity to hold the following hose inner diameter hose lengths: 625' 1/4", 450' of 3/8", 325' of 1/2" and 225' of 5/8".

 SKU: TT3018

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