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Titan electric aluminum 22" full frame hose reel with a 1/2" id stainless steel manifold (stackable with titan hose reel of the same width and full frame part number TT7054).


All titan electric reels must ship on a pallet or freight ltl. Please add to the cart and choose local pick-up.  We will ship freight to your house.


This is the perfect reel for soft washing or roof cleaning hose storage and use as well as for high pressure hose. 




Heavy duty aluminum frame, disks, and hardware.


Super swivel 1/2" FPT x 1/2" FPT hose reel swivel with plastic chain guard.


Sch 40 PVC spool.


Switch and solenoid are mounted on a plate and wired to the 12-volt electric motor.



It is best practice to always remove all the hose (except one single wrap to protect the crimp) from your reel when using your pump. Do not leave hose on the reel when using hot water.


Don't forget to purchase a street 45 in high pressure steel for pressure wash use (3361) or in brass (2354) for low pressure or Softwash use to install where the hose connects to the reel to allow the hose to lay flat against the reel. The hose may kink if the 45 is not installed. If using 3/8" high pressure hose, pick up two steel reducing bushings (2578) and install your hose without quick connects to eliminate extra fittings.


This reel has the estimated capacity to hold the following hose inner diameter hose lengths: 550' of 3/8", 400' of 1/2" and 300' of 5/8".


 SKU: TT4322ES

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