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5.5 GPM 3000 psi skid cold Bandit pressure washer. 

Must tighten belt after 30 days. No warranty on belts. Unloader settings, clogged nozzles and loose belts are some causes of belt failure.

Strongly recommend adding the plumbing kit to this pressure washer. Add either the pl-4-to for a tote connection or the pl-4-ta for a horizontal leg tank or regular tank or drum hook up. Remember to add a Hudson float valve (Hudson-ht) and a Hudson float assembly kit (Hudson-a).

5.5 GPM 3000 psi Honda GX390 13 hp comet rRW5535s pump.

Aluminum frame.

50 mesh SS inlet filter.

External unloader and bypass.

Low oil shutdown.

Easy access two-piece belt guard.

3-groove 'Bandit' belt for uniform tension and maximum power transfer.

43" x 26" x 27" 144 lbs.

36" gun/wand assembly with quick connects, 50' high pressure grey hose with quick connects, 5 quick connect nozzles, high draw chemical injector assembly with quick connects.

We highly recommend adding the best high pressure 3/8" ball valve (6292.SM) to this order to allow you to turn off the flow of water to switch from the gun to a Whisper Wash Ultra surface cleaner (6717). Use 2 x 25-degree 3.5 orifice nozzles on your surface cleaner nozzles.

Choose the 6540-4 Jrod & the Kyle Davis long range shooter nozzle (sn4i) for great results or add the 6540-4.

The 16" Whisper Wash Ultra with the upgraded 3/8" high pressure hose is the perfect complement to this cold pressure washer because this is still a 13 hp engine powering this unit.

If supplying with a garden hose from a property, use a 3/4" ID garden hose. If supplying water from a tank, use 1" non-collapsible suction hose with a 1" y-strainer (YS16H). We have a 4 gpm plumbing kit for pressure washers that includes everything needed to plumb this unit to a tank (PL-4-TA or PL-4-TO).

Install a high temperature Hudson float valve (Hudson-HT) using everything you need to install it with our Hudson assembly (Hudson-A). The Hudson Assembly installs into the very top of the tank using a bulkhead and garden hose connection to prevent the tank from over-flowing.

Inlet line size should be adequate to avoid starving the pump.

  • Line size must be a minimum of one size larger than the pump inlet fitting. Avoid tees, 90-degree elbows or valves in the inlet line of the pump to reduce the risk of flow restriction and cavitation.
  • The line must be a flexible hose, not a rigid pipe, and reinforced on suction systems to avoid collapsing.
  • The simpler the inlet plumbing the less the potential for problems. Keep the length to a minimum, the number of elbows and joints to a minimum (ideally no elbows) and the inlet accessories to a minimum.
  • Use pipe sealant to assure air-tight, positive sealing pipe joints. 


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