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1 year lead on this reel.


5512 all stainless-steel full frame titan products manual hose reel with upgraded 1/2" FPT super swivel (8620a) w/ zerk fitting and 1/2" id stainless steel manifold suitable for Softwash chemicals. Please leave a note at checkout. If no note is left, we will send either swivel.


The TT5512 all stainless-steel reel is by far the best hose reel we offer from titan products to our pressure washers and soft washers. This reel can be stacked with another reel of the same width on top or below using a titan products stack kit (tt7054). We offer the reel with the upgraded 1/2" FPT super swivel (8620a) with a zerk fitting instead of the standard stainless swivel cnc'ed in-house by titan. We discovered over the years that the super swivel lasts longer when exposed to hot, high-pressure water and Softwash chemicals because it can be maintained with a grease gun. The internal wetted component running through the middle of the reel and connected to the hose reel swivel is stainless steel. As with most belongings in life, the better we take care of them, the longer they last.


You need two reducing bushings (2578) or 5204 and a street 45 (3361) plus a two-wire jump for this reel. If your pressure washer has a plug on the outlet, you need a 3/8" female coupler (2401 or 4630 ss), a 3/8" female plug (3878 or 4959 ss) and a 3/8" male coupler (3004 or 4960ss) to install the jump hose to this reel.


Capacity: 425'1/4", 300'3/8", 200' 1/2", 150" 5/8" we can cut a jump hose to your exact length and crimp on the hose ends for both high pressure and low-pressure hose. A custom length of hose can be assembled in just about any hose we can get our hands on. We can offer a wide assortment of hose ends. We always recommend a two wire (r2) high pressure hose from your unloader on your pressure washer to the hose reel. 


Please leave a note at checkout. If no note is left, we will send either swivel.


This reel has the estimated capacity to hold the following hose inner diameter hose lengths: 425' 1/4", 300' of 3/8", 200' of 1/2" and 150' of 5/8".

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