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Extruded aluminum skid mounted cold 8 GPM 2500 PSI Bandit pressure washer- BK8025HC with pressure trapped unloader.

This unit offers a beefy base. PSI offers an easy-to-access pump tensioner underneath the comet pump. The aluminum belt guard is assembled with heavy-duty bolts instead of rivets.

 8 GPM 2500 PSI Honda 13 hp GX390 Comet TW8030s pump banded belt extruded aluminum frame, black spring pressure trapped unloader, gun/wand assembly with brass HPC quick connects, 50' grey high-pressure hose with HPC quick connects, 4 x 10.0 orifice colored quick connect nozzles.

To order this unit, please add the product to the cart. We ship with great rates throughout the USA. We ship using Estes Express for usually around $250-300 for addresses on the East Coast.

Please purchase a length of 3/8" (AGY06) or 1/2" (AGY08) yellow ag hose. We offer it on foot.

Purchase two barbs for the bypass hose. You need a hose barb (1175) for the outlet of the unloader and a 4784 for the tank. The barb at the tank and bulkhead is included in the PL-8-TO OR PL-8-TA kit.

If you need a nozzle holder, purchase it separately. You will receive 5 loose quick-connect nozzles.

 Purchase a 6741 chemical injector and quick connects (3878, 2401), a length of 1/4" clear braided poly hose (2903), and a filter (TF-C) for this unit if you need an injector.

 The unit arrives with the coupler on the outlet and plug on the inlet of the gun. We recommend switching the plug and coupler.

 We strongly recommend that you purchase our PL-8-TO or PL-8-TA kit for a tote or a horizontal leg tank which has almost everything you need to correctly plumb this unit. Please add the items mentioned above to complete your installation.

Upsizing your hoses will prevent back-pressure to your pump, help your valves and high-pressure seals last longer, prevent your safety relief valve from spraying water, help your pump run at a cooler temperature, supply enough water to your pump using the 'double your supply hose id in relation to your inlet port' rule and keep your pump cooler leading to less downtime. Double-check your surface cleaner hose to ensure that it is 3/8" ID instead of 1/4". 

Always use medium thread lock on your high-pressure fittings instead of Teflon tape. Teflon tape will end up in the pump valves or clog nozzles.

If using a chemical injector, install the injector only when in use and install it several feet downstream of the unloader to prevent back-siphoning into the unloader/pump manifold. Did you know you can use dual dual-port chemical injector to apply chemicals at an even stronger ratio? Try the GP100791. It has two barbs. Try one of our original slotted PVC filters (TF-DI) with two barbs made especially for this dual-ported chemical injector.


We recommend a minimum of a 200-gallon water tank or IBC tote.


Add a high-temperature Hudson float valve (Hudson-ht) and Hudson float valve installation kit (Hudson-a) to prevent over-filling your water tank. The Hudson float valve will automatically stop the flow into your tank when installed properly in the headspace of your water supply tank.



We highly recommend adding the best high-pressure 3/8" ball valve (6292) to this order to allow you to turn off the flow of water to switch from the gun to a whisper-wash classic surface cleaner (4345). You will need to ask for two nozzles 5.0 25 degrees for a two-nozzle spray bar or four nozzles.


The 19" whisper wash classic, the 24" ground force, the 24" lil big guy, or the 28" big guy with the upgraded 3/8" high-pressure hose is the perfect complement to this cold pressure washer. Keep in mind that the wider the surface cleaner, the slower you will move. You can choose any surface cleaner that your heart desires and just about anyone will sell it to you but understand that the 19-24" surface cleaners are the best match for the 8 GPM pressure washers. Whisper Wash will customize the handles, the spray bar, and the wheel setup to meet your needs. For example, if you want the classic handle on the ground forces with a 4-tip bar, they will assemble that custom surface cleaner for you.


As with any pressure washer, do not adjust the unloader. The unloader is set at a spike pressure of 200 PSI above the operating pressure of the pump and is meant to be left alone. If you need less pressure, change out the nozzles to a larger orifice and never smaller than what is called for using factory specifications using GPM and pressure. This unit requires an 8.5 orifice or larger nozzle. You can add a 6540-8 Jrod kit amp; and the Kyle Davis long-range shooter nozzle (sn8)to this pressure washer to experiment with pressure and distance.


Pair this unit with a 1/2" all-flow 17 GPM air diaphragm soft wash system for the most efficient cleaning rig. The 1/2" all-flow can be used to soft wash everything from the roof to a giant commercial building and the 8 GPM pressure washer can be used to rinse using either the new m5ds adjustable nozzle ($59 and awesome!) Or using a big 0050, 0060, or 2560 nozzle on a gun/wand assembly with low pressure.


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