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Super Skid Hot skid pressure washer 8 GPM 3500 psi.

To order this unit, please add unit to the cart and choose local pick-up.  We can provide a freight estimate using Estes to your door.  We ship to addresses in the USA. 

Must tighten belts after 30 days. No warranty on belts. Unloader settings, clogged nozzles and loose belts are some causes of belt failure.

Did you know that you lose a minimum of 300 psi every 100' of 3/8" ID high-pressure hose when using 8 GPM? Add the hose reel, any extra fittings under pressure, the gun/wand, and quick connects and you are down quite a bit of pressure.

This powerful, time-saving hot skid unit will arrive with a 1" hose barb on the inlet of the pump. We strongly recommend that you purchase our PL-8-TO or PL-8-TA kit which has everything you need to correctly plumb this unit. We recommend switching out the 1" barb to 1.5", upsizing the non-collapsible suction hose to 1.5" ID, upsizing the filter to 80 mesh 1.5", installing a 1.5" bulkhead, and upsizing to a 1/2" bypass hose to the tank using yellow ag, brass hose barb and 1/2" bulkhead. Increase the jump hose to the reel to a 1/2" high-pressure hose and use a 50' hose as the first length of hose on the reel.

(Always strip all hose from the reel when in use.) Upsizing the hose IDs will allow you to shoot farther, increase the cleaning units and efficiency on your pressure washer as well, and move much faster when using your surface cleaner. 

Upsizing your hoses will prevent back-pressure to your pump, help your valves and high-pressure seals last longer, prevent your safety relief valve from spraying, and supply enough water to your pump using the 'double your supply hose ID in relation to your inlet port' plumbing rule of thumb and keep your pump cooler leading to less downtime. 

Are you tired of releasing the gun trigger to watch the pressure build up in the high-pressure hose, gun, wand, quick connects, and O-rings? 

Tired of your pump going into bypass because another O-ring failed, and you need to replace the plug and/or coupler?

Do you want a smooth action when you pull your gun trigger? 

Are you tired of fighting the stiffness of your high-pressure hose? 

Do you need to place a death grip on your ladder when you pull the trigger on your gun to prevent falling?

Switch to the 'Cadillac of unloaders' K7.3 flow-sensitive unloader or 8012PRO-35HGK7.3 to eliminate these problems. Everything under pressure lasts longer.

If using a chemical injector, install the injector only when in use and install it several feet downstream of the unloader to prevent back-siphoning into the unloader/pump manifold.

Rugged powder-coated steel, low-profile frame w/ forklift channels.

48L x 43W x 48H frame dimensions 

Super-efficient schedule 80 coil.

Stainless steel coil wrap, burner hood, and control panel.

On board 15-gallon poly fuel tank-non-carb evaporative compliant.

A reliable Honda gasoline commercial/industrial electric start engine.

Yes, this unit is a key start and not a pull start.

Includes 12-volt marine battery box.

Fully self-contained, no external power required.

Belt-driven TSF2021 General Pump.

Pressure-trapped unloader: Never adjust the unloader; Instead use a nozzle 9.0 or larger to adjust the pressure.

Reliable Beckett burner.

Adjustable thermostat.

3VX425 belt system offers balanced power transfer.

Engine and pump oil drains offer easy maintenance.

Safety pressure relief valve.

120-degree temp rise available.

Approximately 650 lbs

Standard accessories are included below:

Gun/wand assembly with insulated grip and quick connects.

50’ high-pressure hose w/quick connects.

Maxi-flow 20% chemical injector assembly w/quick connects.

4 color-coded QC spray nozzles.

1 color-coded QC chemical nozzle.

Note:12v units include a 20-amp charging system.

Note: all units are completely factory assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate.

Wonder what the difference is between a hot box and a super skid? We asked bill Matthews from pressure pro. His response is copied (with his permission) below:

As for the burner efficiency, they would be within only a few percent of each other typically in.

The upper 70-80 percent range (roughly 76-82%).

The best comparison you made would be that the fuel capacity is diminished for the hot box by 31%.

And for the gas engine by 50%.

One advantage would be that the HBS12V80 has a slightly larger coil and would allow for a slight.

Larger heat rises roughly 10deg but would consume roughly .7 GPH more fuel.

8012PRO-35HG 2.8 GPH diesel (approx. 170deg;) (12-gallon tank approx. 4.28hrs)

Honda GX690 1.8 GPH gas (12-gallon tank approx. 6.66 hrs.) 


Hbs12v80 3.5 GPH diesel (approx. 180° +) (8.5-gallon tank approx. 3.03 hrs.)

Honda gx690 1.8 GPH gas (6-gallon tank approx. 3.33 hrs.).

Both motor pump configurations are virtually identical.

We recommend the Whisper Wash 19" Extreme), the 24" Ground Force (6715), the 24" Lil Big Guy, or maybe the 28" Big Guy for use with this 8 gpm hot skid. 

This super skid unit should be paired with an 8.5 orifice spray nozzle or larger. Choose two 4.5 25-degree spray nozzles for a two-tip spray bar on your surface cleaner or four 2.5 25-degree spray nozzles for a four-tip bar.

Add a high-pressure ball valve (6292.SM) and a live gun swivel (6920) to save steps and prevent a fight with your hose.


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