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Whisper Wash Aqua Pro 24" floating surface cleaner flip and fold handle with 4 nozzle spray bar 3/8" hose

The Whisper Wash Aqua Pro is rated from 2000-4000 psi, 4-10 GPM, 212 degrees maximum and 2500 rpm maximum. The cover is composed of powder coated aluminum and is supported by a heavy nylon brush. The handle is foldable to allow user to pack up and lock up.

Please indicate the nozzle sizes you need or list the GPM and pressure of your pressure washer in the notes or your surface cleaner will not ship out. Thank you.

Please choose appropriate nozzle orifices for your pressure and GPM. For example, a direct driven pressure washer with 4 GPM at 4000 psi will require two (2) 2.5 orifice by 25 degrees nozzles. A belt driven 4 GPM at 4000 psi pressure washer will require two (2) 2.0 orifice by 25 degrees nozzles. A belt driven 5.5 GPM at 3500 psi will require two (2) 3.0 by 25-degree nozzles. A belt driven 8 GPM at 3500 psi pressure washer will require two 4.5 orifice by 25-degree nozzles. Always refer to a nozzle chart or nozzle calculator when choosing nozzle orifices for your pressure washer or surface cleaner. Remember to divide your nozzle orifice by the number of holes on your spray bar.

This unit is best suited for 5 GPM or higher-pressure washers. Using this 24" surface cleaner with a smaller pressure washer may result in tiger striping and very slow cleaning compared to a smaller diameter unit. 

When washing a delicate surface, do not adjust your unloader. Install nozzles in larger orifices to decrease the pressure. Never adjust the unloader unless you want to learn to repair or replace your pump/unloader early!

Whisper Wash offers a full line of commercial grade surface cleaners and is located not far from us here on the west coast of Florida. Whisper Wash provides us with great pricing, and we choose to pass the pricing on to you. They are an exceptional company to deal with regarding any questions or concerns that may arise. Whisper Wash offers a generous warranty for their products manufactured right here in the United States.

The Whisper Wash 24" Aqua Pro is now offered with the new, cartridge design swivel. Instead of taking your swivel to the local repair shop or using a hydraulic press to install the bearings, you can install the new cartridge in 10-15 minutes and get back to work. More often than not, the new swivels are green. The old style is silver or black. Remember to find the serial number on your Whisper Wash unit and write it down in a safe place. It is located on the top portion of the swivel on the deck side. This will help you with any possible warranty questions and help the authorities locate and return your property in the event that it is stolen. The swivel or 'brains' of the unit is most often the biggest difference. Less expensive units cannot successfully be rebuilt over and over such as the Whisper Wash units allow. The new swivels are often green in color and can be rebuilt very quickly in the field in 10-15 minutes. Surface cleaners of lesser value are offered with spray bars that look similar to pressure washer spray wands.

Keep it simple and remember to never use Teflon tape (Use liquid threadlock instead).



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