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Whisper Wash surface cleaner with upsized 3/8" ID hose with 4 tip spray bar.

Operating parameters: 2000 psi - 4000 psi 2500 rpm at 4 - 10 GPM 212 deg. F maximum cover: 19" handle: 77" 20 lbs. 4 - 1/4"mpt stainless steel nozzles included four tip spray bar: PWP only recommends actually using a four tip bar if you are using 8+ GPM. Keep it simple. Buy the correct bar.

Please indicate the nozzle sizes you need or list the GPM and pressure of your pressure washer in the notes or your surface cleaner will not ship out. Thank you.

It is critical that your 8 GPM and higher pressure washer is plumbed using 1 1/2" suction hose and 1/2" jump hose to the reel and a 1/2" 50' high pressure hose for the first length on the reel. We have kits available for you to easily upsize your plumbing. All of the hose and fittings arrive in one box. You need to supply a heat gun, little bit of soap, liquid Teflon such as RectorSeal T Plus 2, tools for tightening the barbs and installing the hose fittings and water to run the equipment. Your pump/unloader and engine will run cooler and run under less stress, last longer, shoot farther using your gun/wand and surface clean faster. You will go home faster or on to the next job faster than plumbing your pump using the 1" hose. Your overall costs will go down and profit margin will increase.

The kits are available for tote connections: PL-8-TO

Horizontal leg tank connections: PL-8-TA

SKU: WW2000-4

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