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This is the favorite Softwash hose among roof wash professionals due to its light weight and durability. This hose has an excellent bend radius without kinking. Pair this hose with the 3/8" or 1/2" all-flo air diaphragm pump for the ultimate Softwash system.

Hose Specifications:

5/8" red Kuri Tec hose without ends

0.906" outer diameter

250 psi max working pressure at 70 deg F

125 psi max working pressure at 122 deg F

Chemical compatibility rating: 'a' for sodium hypochlorite (chlorine),

Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda), oxalic acid

Directions for ordering:

Add hose by the foot to the shopping cart.

Add the appropriate number of crimps for your jump hose. For example, a 6' long 5/8" blue Flex Tech RT hose with two 1/2" MPT 316 stainless steel ends (to connect the Softwash pump to the titan hose reel swivel) would be added in the parts below:

6 feet ftb10-1 custom length blue 5/8" Flex Tech RT Softwash hose per foot

2 x css crimped on hose end in 316 stainless steel (each end)

*****Add a note at checkout indicating that ends should both be 1/2" MPT or CSS08

Condition: New


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