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DK-7.0 blue dirt killer nozzle 3200 psi

Blast dirt, grime, slime, mold, mildew, etc. Off instantly using the dirt killer nozzle. Save chemical, water, time, and money. The dirt killer generates a whirlwind of water droplets so powerful that the imbedded dirt is blown away. Dirt killer nozzles, which feature a rotating turbine, deliver the punch of a zero-degree nozzle with a 25-degree fan, creating 10 times the cleaning impact of a standard flat tip nozzle, effectively cutting cleaning time in half. Fits any pressure washer.

The DK Series is the ideal cleaning nozzle. With its unique, high speed spinning head, it gives a less powerful machine the impact of a more powerful industrial pressure washer. The DK, unlike some rotary nozzles, leaves no unsightly pressure washing lines on the surface it is cleaning and it is safe for use in sensitive industrial areas. Applications include brick cleaning, kennels, paint and graffiti removal, removal of mildew from stucco, concrete and wood decks; removal of gum from sidewalks; boat cleaning and barnacle removal.

By using properly, the dirt killer will perform as follows:

At 3000 psi approximately 250 to 400 hours
At 2000 psi approximately 300 to 500 hours
And at 1000 psi approximately 400 to 700 hours before rebuilding or replacement is necessary.

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