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General Pump or Inter pump Kit 01 check valves (6). Includes 6 valves and 6 O-rings.


Are you certain that the check valves need to be replaced? Are you experiencing noticeable vibration in the high-pressure hose? Is your filter adequate and allowing trash to lodge itself in the check valve(s)? We recommend cleaning and testing the check valves to ensure that you are not replacing the check valves unnecessarily. Obviously, replace broken, crushed, or melted valves and worn or damaged O-rings. Follow the steps listed below to conservatively repair your pump.


  1. Remove the valve cap and delicately remove the valve assembly and O-ring. Depending on the pump, you will usually find 2 sets of three check valves in a horizontal and vertical plane on the manifold.
  1. Separate the O-ring from the valve(s).
  1. Grab a ceramic coffee cup, wear acid-resistant gloves, and pour 'bottom shelf' or generic toilet bowl cleaner into the cup.
  1. Soak only the valve assembly (not the O-ring) in the toilet bowl cleaner for 10-15 minutes.
  1. Remove each one at a time and scrub gently with a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any hard water deposits or debris.
  1. Rinse thoroughly and dry on an old towel.
  1. Valves are now ready to be tested.
  1. Hold each valve like a Hershey's kiss in between your thumb, pointer finger, and middle finger.
  1. Bring the clean valve to your lips and blow through. You should be able to blow through the open valve(s).
  1. Now try to suck air into your mouth through the valve(s). You should not be able to suck air through the valve (s). You should only be able to blow air through the valve(s).
  1. If you are familiar with 'hand lapping valves' you may use toothpaste to gently lap the valves to seal properly and save you the cost of replacement. Technically, only the 'bad' valves need to be replaced. However, the general pump/winter pump offers 6 valves and 6 O-rings in kit 1. It is cost-prohibitive to purchase each check valve individually.
  1. If you do not have experience with lapping valves, purchase new ones but keep the old 'good ones' for spares.
  1. Replace the O-rings with new buna O-rings on each check valve and re-install them in the manifold or head of the pump.

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