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General Pump or Inter Pump Kit 08 packings 20mm. If you need to replace the Restop Rings (very hard black-plastic rings), it is best to purchase a general pump kit for 69.

Have you noticed a considerable loss in pressure? Is water leaking between the head or manifold of the pump and the back end? Replace the packings or water seals in your pump. Replacing your water seals is like replacing worn-out shoes. It is one of the worn components on the pump.

Has the oil mixed with the water in your pump? Does your oil appear milky? When removing only one packing assembly at a time, while using one complete assembly as your visual guide, thoroughly inspect the porcelain plungers for cracks, chips, or damage. Replace only the damaged plungers. Purchase an oil seal kit and replace the oil seals that were damaged when the plungers were compromised.

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