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HBS12V80 Pressure-Pro 8 GPM 4000 psi 12-volt diesel hot box.

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Hot box 12 VDC stationary 8 GPM max.

Stationary hot box with vertical coil 8 GPM maximum 4000 psi maximum 12 volt.

Rugged powder coated steel frame.

Super-efficient schedule 80 coil.

8-gallon poly fuel tank with fuel filter.

Reliable Beckett burner. 

Adjustable thermostat temperature control. 

Safety pressure relief valve.

Pneumatic tire kit available as an add-on item. 

120-degree temp rise available.

Wonder what the difference is between a hot box and a super skid? We asked bill Matthews from pressure pro. His response is copied (with permission) below:

As for the burner efficiency they would be within only a few percent of each other typically in the upper 70-80 percent range (roughly 76-82%). 

The best comparison you made would be that the fuel capacity is diminished for the hot box by 31%.

And for the gas engine by 50%.

One advantage would be that the hbs12v80 has a slightly larger coil and would allow for a slightly. 

Larger heat rise roughly 10° but would consume roughly .7 GPH more fuel. 

8012 pro-35 HG 2.8 GPH diesel (approx. 170) (12-gallon tank approx. 4.28hrs)

Honda gx690 1.8 gph gas (12-gallon tank approx. 6.66 hrs.)


HBS12V80 3.5 GPH diesel (approx. 180) (8.5-gallon tank approx. 3.03 hrs.)

Honda gx690 1.8 gph gas (6-gallon tank approx. 3.33 hrs.)

Both motor pump configurations are virtually identical.

Don't forget to add two R2 or two wire high pressure jump hose to install this unit.

Switch to Viton O-rings and use an insulated wand while operating this hot water heater. Always remember to run cool water through the unit to cool it off before storing for the night.

*Heating units are intended to be used in conjunction with an existing pressure washer. All units are assembled, tested in the USA, and delivered ready to operate.

Dimensions: 32" L x 21"W x 49"H


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