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Instant quick change Series 3 cartridge for Whisper Wash surface cleaners


Replacement cartridge 


If you broke off the shaft, this kit will get you up and running.  Includes a new shaft, bearings and seals.  


1. Remove the spray bar from the rotor shaft and disconnect the hose.  (If you don't really need the quick connects, remove them, especially if running 8 gpm and higher gpm units.)


2.  Unscrew rotor cap on top of the swivel


3.  Push old cartridge assembly out by pushing up from the bottom.


4.  Push new cartridge in from the top.


5.  Re-fasten rotor cap, spray bar and hose with medium Threadlock.


Condition: New


If choosing USPS MAIL for shipping this package, we will require insurance and signature release.  Sometimes, this may require additional fees.  Thank you for your understanding.


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