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Rex, the pump guru, offers free help on how to repair any pump.

 We believe strongly in educating our customer family. Most pump repairs can be performed in less than an hour with tools already located in your toolbox.

 Our in-house pump guru, rex, established himself in pressure washers’ sales, service and repair in 1987. Rex is an expert in low- and high-pressure pump repairs, an expert in designing and implementing portable and stationary water reclamation systems and has many years’ experiences with low pressure pumps and equipment. He has attended every pump school available to him. He has been sought out and requested to deliver his exceptional, on-site pump schools to all interested employees and management of large manufacturing corporations, pressure washing professional groups and customer groups. Rex has an exceptional background in mechanical engineering and is a U.S. Patent is safe to assume that he has dealt with nearly every brand of pump manufactured throughout the world.

 Pump problem?

 Want to save money and perform the repair yourself?

First, if you are calling on Monday through Friday between 8-5 eastern standard time, call Rex at (800) 519-9279 or (727) 562-5488.

 Did you know that you can send your pump here for rex or one of our technicians to repair for you? Most repairs cost $75 plus the cost of a repair kit usually between $45-100. You can ship your pump via Ups, FedEx or freight to our shop and we will inspect your pump and contact you with an estimate. Pumps are repaired very quickly and sent back fully insured.


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