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ROBOKIM #3 adjustable high draw chemical injector 5.6-10.8 GPM 2.75mm 3200 PSI & 210 DEG F max 3/8" MNPT in/out.


Downstream injectors are installed after the pump. To function, the pressure must be lowered with the use of either a dual lance and soap nozzle, a variable nozzle, a dual nozzle holder, or an adjustable nozzle holder. Water enters the inlet of the injector and creates a venturi which drops the pressure and suctions the chemical from container. Chemical can be injected either in concentrated form or in diluted form. Chemical can be regulated by turning the dial on the injector or installing a metering device on the chemical line. The injector contains a check valve to prevent water from flowing into the chemical container while in high pressure mode. 


Note: Length of hose will determine ability of injector to work properly. It is recommended to keep hose length at 100 feet or less. 


Refer to the arrow on the injector body for proper flow direction. Install the injector in the system downstream of the regulator unloader which is downstream of the pump. These injectors will draw your chemical into the water stream at 125 psi and 2.1 to 10.8 GPM, through your low-pressure nozzle. Injector will not draw chemical above 250 psi through your high-pressure nozzle. The amount of chemical drawn in is controlled with the adjustment knob. 


Maximum pressure: 3200 PSI. 

Maximum temperature: 210 degrees F. 

Inlet port: 3/8" MPT. 

Outlet port: 3/8" MPT. 

Dimensions: 1.0" x 2.7" x3.1". 

Weight: .6 lbs. 

Repair kit: (chemical) #1270. (acid) #3846. 


General pump accessories are warranted by the manufacturer to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Period of warranty shall be 90 days from date product is received by original buyer. Liability of manufacturer under the foregoing warranty is limited to repair or replacement at the option of manufacturer of that product which according to the manufacturer's investigation was deemed defective at time of shipment. Damage resulting from neglect, abuse, tampering, or misapplication voids tis warranty. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability and/or all other obligations or liabilities on the part of the manufacturer.



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