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ST-62 adjustable chemical injector w/metering valve 2-8 GPM 3600 psi maximum, 3/8" FNPT in/out 200062500.

The ST-62 injector allows for water flow adjustment from the pressure pump. By adjusting the water flow through the ST-62, a restriction causes a vacuum which allows the detergent to be drawn through the hose barb when a large orifice nozzle is used. With the adjustment feature, the ST-62 can be used with a variety of water flows, replacing injectors with fixed orifices that are sized to specific flows. 

Injector ratios:  

Injector ratios are approximate. 

They vary with the lift required, downstream restrictions, viscosity, temperature, etc.

To determine the exact siphon ratio for your application:

(1). Operate the injection feature for one minute. 

(2). Measure how much detergent was used. 

(3). Subtract the amount of injected detergent from the total amount of liquid discharged. 

(4). Divide this number from the amount of injected detergent. Example: if the total amount of liquid discharged equals 5 gallons, and the detergent injected equals 58 oz. (0.45 gal.), the exact ratio would be determined as follows: 5.0 -0.45=4.55 divided by 0.45=10. The ratio is 10 parts water to 1 part detergent. 




  • Flow rate: adjustable 2 to 8 GPM 
  • Maximum pressure: 3600 psi 
  • Forged brass housing. 
  • Viton O-rings 
  • Stainless steel spring and ball 
  • Inlet 3/8" FPT 
  • Outlet: 3/8" FPT 
  • 1/4" hose barb 
  • Repair kit: barens order #3470. 










Mounting and operating instructions: 


(1). Connect the discharge port of the cleaner to the inlet port of the injector. (the arrow on the injector housing should point in the direction of the water flow) 

(2). Connect downstream components, such as the discharge hose and gun, to the outlet port. 

(3). Connect the detergent hose to the hose barb and secure it. 

(4). Place the other end of the hose into the detergent. 

(5). Turn on the water. On the st-62 also turn adjustment to maximum counter-clockwise. 

(6). To activate the injector, employ the large orifice nozzle. The st-62 will now need to be adjusted clockwise for detergent suction.


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