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Suttner ST-36 sludge pump 8.0 kit

The ST-36 sludge vacuum is a great tool for transferring a large amount of water or slurry in a short time. Simply attach the pressure line from a portable power washer or car wash bay. The water flowing through the high-pressure nozzle creates a powerful Venturi suction that can vacuum up slurry solutions. Debris as large as 3/4" diameter will pass through the casting and out of the discharge hose. 

Based on clean water, the liquid ratio is about 1:11. If you are using a washer pumping 4 GPM, the output produced is about 44 GPM. Cleaning up chemical spills will not damage your washer pump. Applications may include removing slurry from car wash pits, flood clean-up, removing rainwater from construction sites, empty pools, liquid transfer, run-off clean-up, etc. 

 Use with 1 1/2 no collapsible suction hose 1-1/2" (order #AGC24 25-foot length). A 3/8" male plug or 3/8" coupler on inlet will be included in with order (our choice). Operation:

 (1). The high-pressure line of the pressure washer is connected to the sludge vacuum attachment. The operator may connect the high-pressure hose to the sludge vacuum inlet or choose to hook the wand to the inlet. Water flow can then be controlled with the trigger gun. The inlet is normally a 1/4" qc plug or m22 screw nipple for quick attachment. After securing the attachment, run the pressure washer as normally instructed.

(2). When the pressure washer is running, the exits a zero-degree high-pressure nozzle inside the durable aluminum die casting. This nozzle should have the same size orifice as the normal fan nozzles to produce the maximum pressure and flow from the unit. The velocity of the water flow exiting the nozzle creates a powerful venturi suction. This suction power can pick up the slurry, along with rocks and debris up to 3/4" in diameter. Ensure the outlet hose is directed properly and place the sludge vacuum into the flood waters. It may be submerged all the way to the floor. The casting has small feet on it to keep it off the floor.

(3). The operator should grip the outlet hose firmly or secure it close to the end. If not held, the force of 40 to 60 GPM of liquid flowing through the discharge hose may cause it to push around. The discharge hose is normally 15' to 25' long. Lengths of 100' can be purchased. Direct the discharge properly. Operators may need to check with authorities to see about discharging into a city drain. Many simply let it flow out onto lower ground or dump it into a liquid tank truck. When the mucky water has been removed, the pressure washer can be used to finish the cleaning job.

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