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Filter regulator with upgraded stainless steel glycerine filled air gauge and allen plug for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" air diaphragm pumps.

Please pay attention to the arrow on the regulator when installing this product to ensure proper function. The >>>>> arrow should point towards the pump. Set the pressure to 80 psi maximum for all-flo Kynar air diaphragm pumps. Rex, the pump guru, recommends setting the pressure at 80 psi for best pump performance and life.

1/4" inlet 150 psi maximum temperature range 40 deg. F to 125 deg. F

Use your hand to loosen and remove the not use a tool as damage may occur.

We highly recommend that you purchase a submicronic compressed air filter in a matching pipe thread. offers a motor guard m-45 submicronic compressed air filter with a spare filter for $70-100. This filter removes humidity and trash that passes through the regulator. Protect your air diaphragm pump and install the water separator between the regulator/filter and the pump.

An air plumbing diagram is available for your reference onBusiness & Industrial

We also offer higher capacity, top of the line regulator filters with mounts in 3/8" and 1/2" upon your request.

We carry high quality brass air quick connects and fittings. The high quality brass air quick connects are removable when exposed to Softwash chemical fumes compared to cheap steel air fittings. Ask for a set to be sent with the regulator filter. We create custom cut and crimped air hose assemblies in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" hose id's in a very flexible and durable red air hose.

We will crimp on either brass or stainless steel hose ends so that do not need adapters. Hose assemblies can be just a few inches long to hundreds of feet. We can even assemble hoses to install at the bottom of your compressor tank(s) to drain the water outside of your rig when you bleed your tanks daily to prevent internal rust. Purchase one of our compressor drain kits.


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