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X-Jet M5 Deluxe Variable Nozzle #20 kit 8+ GPM 3000-3500 psi pressure washers 

M-Jet Nozzle 

The X-Jet long range nozzle is now available as the M-Jet nozzle. The M-Jet has all the features of the X-Jet except it comes with a variable nozzle on the outlet of the nozzle. The M-Jet is to be used on jobs where the zero-degree impact of the original X-Jet is not required. M-Jet will inject and proportion soaps, chemicals, or other liquids at high pressure without going through your pump, hose, gun or lance. The M-Jet can project liquids to vertical heights over 40 feet depending upon the capability of your pressure washer. It can be used with virtually any pressure washer, hot or cold for 1000 psi to 6000 psi. 

8+ GPM 3000-3500 psi pressure washers 


Wash and remove mold, dirt, and mildew from various structures without using ladders or scaffolding. 

Sterilization of housing areas for agricultural needs 

Caustic spraying that requires using harsh chemicals that can destroy pumps 

Dispensing proportion insecticides 

Degreasing heavy equipment using high pressure soap without going through the pump 


Kit includes: 

Long range nozzle with variable fan patterns 

Quick connect plug on inlet of nozzle 

Hose barb for chemical injection 

14 chemical proportioners 

15' clear vinyl tubing 

Ball valve for shut off 

Filter with hose barb 


Does not have short range nozzle.

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