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ZWD3535G 3.5 GPM, 3500 PSI, 1" SHAFT, GAS FLANGE, 9.5 GHP, 3400

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ZWD3535G 3.5 GPM, 3500 psi, 1" shaft, gas flange, 9.5 GHP, 3400 rpm, 15mm piston, 17 lbs.


Increased fin depth increases surface area to maximize heat dissipation.

Stainless steel unitized check valves.

Heat resistant solid ceramic plungers operating on lubricated packings.

Direct drive mounting flange.

Reinforced crankcase for increased load capacity.

Enlarged crankcase increases oil capacity for better lubrication and lower operating temperatures.

One-piece industrial grade oversized bronze connecting rods.

Maximum flow: 3.5 GPM.

Maximum pressure: 3000 psi.

Maximum pump speed: 3400 rpm.

Minimum horsepower requirements: 10.8 hp for gas engines.

Inlet: 1/2""fpt.

Discharge: 3/8""fpt.

Shaft diameter: hollow 1"" with gas flange.

Piston: 15mm.

Crankcase capacity: 11 oz use SAE 20w/30 oil.


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